Drop-In Childcare
317-858-KIDZ (5439)
1630 E. Northfield Drive suite 500/600
Brownsburg, IN  46112
The Owner (here all the time..haha):  Misty (11 yrs)

The Day Crew:  Diane (9 yrs), Devin (6 yrs), Sarah (6 yrs), Danielle (9 yrs), Holly (1 yr), Alli (6 yrs), Kendall (2 yrs)

The School/Night/Weekend Crew:  Diane(bus driver), Sarah (6 yrs),  Rachel (6 yrs), Alli (6 yrs), Morgan (4 yrs), Karlee (3 yrs), Mapuana, Kalaina, Camryn, Emma, Josie
Seasonal Crew:  Hannah (1 yr), Emily (2 yrs)

The Grandma (in loving memory):  Karen (5.5 yrs)
**Kidz Depot employees all have strong Christian beliefs and we treat all children like they are our own and this is their house. 
Our church families include Connection Pointe, Cornerstone, and Traders Point.