Drop-In Childcare
TOT DROP:  Toddler age toys,  a slide and a tunnel make this station a
stimulating and safe place for your 2-30 month old to play and interact with other toddlers.

MOVIE MANIA:  Pull up a comfortable chair or kid couch and watch your favorite
movie. Dozens of movies to choose from! We also can choose from G-rated movies on Netflix!

RONALD’S READING ROOM:  Cozy up on bean bags with tons of age-  appropriate
books for quiet reading time.

TRAIN LAND:  Tons of Geotrax trains and tracks to keep your child building for hours!
CONDUCTOR’S CREATIONS:  This is where all the creation happens. Coloring  .       puzzles, card games, Play-Doh and many other fun activities!

CLIMBER TIME: Check out our new "playground" area.  Plenty to explore in this area which includes: tunnels, slides, lookout tower, bridge, rock wall, see-saw, and so much more. 

IMAGINATION STATION:  Let the imagination begin!!  Play kitchen, vanity, dress-up,
Barbies, baby dolls and accessories to stimulate their imagination. 

SPORT COURT:  Completely new and bigger space! Room to play kickball, ride toy
bikes, and complete with basketball goals!

M&M MEDIA:  PlayStation 3, Xbox and computers with loads of games give this station thumbs up for children ages 5-12.  Supervised internet access is provided for
children that need to do homework or want to play "kid-friendly" games.

With so many things to choose from, your child may never want to leave Kidz Depot!