Due to the nature of our business, Kidz Depot does not qualify as a “daycare” facility under Indiana Law and therefore cannot be licensed by the State of Indiana.   Our facility operates within the parameters of one of the exemptions allowed by Indiana Code (IC) 12-17.2-2.8 under Sec. 28.4(a) "Child care center", for purposes of IC 12-17-2, means a non-Residential building where at least one (1) child receives child care from a Provider (3) for more than four (4) hours but less than twenty-four (24) hours in each of ten (10) consecutive days per year, excluding intervening Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.
Kidz Depot must be closed every 10th consecutive day under Indiana Code (IC) 12-7-2-28.4.  Our facility is designed to provide high-quality, safe, and fun childcare when you need it!  We strive to meet any applicable regulations that are designated for licensed daycares by the Indiana Department of Health and Human Services.  We maintain a caregiver ratio of 4:1 for children ages 6 weeks - 12 months, 5:1 for children 12-24 months, and a ratio of 10:1 for children ages 24 months – 12 years.  Our staff is scheduled to exceed these minimum requirements so every child is given more personal attention.  In the event that more caregivers are needed, Kidz Depot has staff on-call.

We will be glad to help with the process of potty training! We need your help though… please bring all necessary supplies such as diapers, pull-ups, diaper wipes and an additional change of clothes. Our staff will change any child who has had an accident and will encourage each child to “use the potty” as often as needed.
Diapered children will be checked every hour and changed as necessary.  Diapers may be provided for $.50 each if the child should run out during their stay at Kidz Depot.

Drop-In Childcare