Our  Loving


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The Owner: Misty (12 yrs)

The Veterans (5+ years):  Diane (10 yrs), Danielle (10 yrs), Victoria (8 yrs), Sarah (7 yrs), Devin (6 yrs), Morgan (5 yrs)

The Middles (2-5 years):  Kendall (4 yrs), Hannah (3 yrs), Holly (3 yrs), Kalaina (2 yrs), Mapuana (2 yrs), Camryn (2 yrs), Myles (2 yrs), Emma (2 yrs) 

The Newbies (1-2 years):  Josie (1 yr), Stephanie (1 yr),

Ashley (1 yr), Elise (1 yr), Anna (1 yr), JJ, Micah, Kim, Izzy, Ryann, 

                           The Grandma (in loving memory):  Karen (5.5 yrs)


Kidz Depot employees all have strong Christian beliefs and we treat all children like they are our own and this is their house. 

Our church families include Connection Pointe, Cornerstone, and Traders Point.

Kidz Depot staff members are certified in Infant and Child first aid and CPR and trained in Universal Precautions.  Each employee has had a complete background check prior to hiring, including criminal and employment screening.